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QarVision RP™
Remote Elevator Diagnostic System and Performance Analyzer
for Rack & Pinion Elevators
  -  Sample Installation

QarVision RP™ is a self-contained unit for monitoring rack and pinion elevators. The QarVisionController has a set of sensors that measure properties of the elevator's operation. The elevator owner or technician communicates with QarVision™ via WiFi in the area of the elevator, or using cellular for remote operation.

A major advantage of the QarVision RP™ system is that it is independent and isolated from the elevator's electronics and control. It can be installed on any elevator, regardless of its age or controller type. It is also portable. An owner of a rental fleet of construction elevators can easily deploy the QarVision™ Controllers as they are needed for specific jobs.


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The QarVision RP™ Controller is simply placed inside of the control cabinet or on top of the elevator car. The WiFi antenna is mounted on the side of the car, oriented toward the ground. An RS485 adapter connects it to the Variable Frequency Drive.
    The Primary Current Sensor is clamped over one of the 3-phase power leads going to the controller.
The QarVision™ magnetic door sensor and relay sensors can be used.

Alternatively, specially-designed interfaces for the Gate and the Switches can be used where a hard-wired connection is needed. These optically-isolated devices are useful where the controller contains a PLC, rather than relays.



  Construction rental elevators are often located in isolated areas, and utilize a cellular connection. The cell antenna is magnetically mounted on the outside of the car, preferable oriented toward a cell tower.  

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