Construction elevator  

QarVision RP™
Remote Elevator Diagnostic System and Performance Analyzer
for Rack and Pinion Elevators


QarVision RP™ is a remote diagnostic system that works on any rack and pinion elevator. It records every trip an elevator makes, letting owners and technicians track elevator performance and find problems from anywhere. QarVision RP™ is portable and quick to set up. It sends email or text-message warnings and summaries. It is similar in design and operation to the original QarVision™ Elevator Performance Analyzer, but has features to meet the special needs of industrial elevators and construction hoists. And QarVision RP™ works with the QUE Remote Asset Monitor.
QarVision RP™ monitors and records:
  - Date, time, duration of trips - GPS location (optional)
  - Number of trips - Acceleration & deceleration
  - Total run time and duty cycle - Traffic
  - Landings - Speed
  - Height - Temperatures
  - Energy Usage - Motor current
  - Position of gates - Line power
  - Number of gate actions - VFD alarms and faults
  - Emergency switch status - Load (optional)
  - Unintended movement - Voltage (optional)
  - Wind speed (optional)    



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