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QarVision RP™
Remote Elevator Diagnostic System and Performance Analyzer

for Rack and Pinion Elevators

QarVision RP™
is the only universal remote diagnostic system and monitor for all rack and pinion elevators. Based on the QarVision™ system for in-building elevators, the RP version adds features to meet the special needs of hoists in construction and industrial environments.

QarVision RP™ places independent sensors on all of the key components to tell you what the elevator is actually doing. You get the data you need to quickly diagnose problems.

Door and emergency switch problems are among the most common causes of elevator shutdowns. QarVision RP™ lets you see remotely if a car door or landing gate is open, or if the emergency switch is set. This can save a costly trip to the site.

Unusual car motion is a major cause of complaints. When passengers say it is "slipping", "jerking", or "sluggish", the accelerometer in QarVision RP™ will show you what they mean.

Rack and pinion elevators must be shut down during high winds to prevent cable damage. QarVision RP™ monitors an anemometer and sends email or text messages when the wind exceeds a user-specified speed.

QarVision RP™ records VFD faults and warnings and sends the ones you want by email or text message.

Power to the elevator can cause problems if it is not "clean", but how do you know? QarVision RP™ records current and, with an optional voltage sensor, records voltage.

Collecting and analyzing the data is easy. If you prefer, we will do it for you.

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