About e-try.com

e-try.com is our award-winning interactive marketing and training website. It is an interactive showroom for technical products that allows you to try a simulation of a product, and understand a technical concept. Over the last 12 years, e-try.com has become a resource for the semiconductor industry. We demonstrate complex equipment, and let you experiment with the latest concepts in chip manufacturing.

Every simulation you experience on e-try.com was built with our software framework QWIC.

The basic technology for QWIC has been used by thousands of people over the years. It is proven, reliable, and fun to use. And there is a lot that you won't see. We have used it to demonstrate and prove new products for our customers to their customers . . . because everyone knows that people are more likely to buy it after they try it!

Please visit www.e-try.com.



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