Qameleon™ Technology is a privately held company that develops innovative hardware and software products for remote, wireless monitoring and control. Formed in 1997 to develop software tools for industrial customers, the Company has built a substantial technology base. With the launch of its QWIC product line in 2001, and the Level 1 Module in 2004, Qameleon™ brings its unique and proven technology to networked and wireless instruments, enabling rapid development of products for monitoring, control, and many other applications.
Qameleon™ sells its products and services in 3 ways:
- Direct sales of off-the-shelf products including QarVision™, SpikeWatcher™, and QarWatcher™.
- U.S. and international sales of off-the-shelf products through sales representatives.
- Development of new products and customization of off-the-shelf products on a contract basis.
Qameleon™ markets and sells its products in the United States, Japan, and Europe.  Our industrial markets include:
- building automation and HVAC
- water and electric utilities
- construction
- machine controls
- elevator maintenance
- transportation
- petroleum
- energy management and sustainability
Qameleon™ is seeking investors and partners to expand our marketing and sales efforts. The applications for Qameleon™ products are endless, and are limited only by our resources.




Qameleon products are used in:
  - elevators
  - construction equipment
  - building maintenance
  - traffic management
  - electric power
  - railways
  - petroleum pipelines and refining
  - water distribution
  - waste water treatment
  - energy monitoring


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