2 Places at Once

All Qameleon products let the user be in two places at once:

  • Elevator mechanics can monitor the car acceleration while they adjust motor parameters in the machine room.
  • Building managers can check for power surges from their office.
  • Technicians can check for underground pipeline problems from the safety of their truck.

In Qameleon products, the user interface is separate from the instrument. This means that the instrument can be in one location while the user is somewhere else. They communicate using either wireless or wired networks. And the user interface looks exactly the same regardless of the type of communication.

All Qameleon products come with built-in WiFi. Using a WiFi-enabled PDA or laptop, you can contact the instrument from up to 600 feet. Have a municipal WiFi network? Qameleon systems are ready for the Internet or your private Intranet.


The QWIC-Cell option can be added to any Qameleon product. We use broadband cellular data networks to put your instrument on the Internet, where you can access it from anywhere in the world.


An optional Ethernet connection on any Qameleon product lets you plug your instrument into any LAN. And you can put your instrument on the Internet by connecting the Ethernet to a DSL, cable, or satellite modem.




  - Reduced cost
  - Improved safety
  - Efficiency
  - Increased awareness
  - Flexibility
  - Convenience

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