Solutions - Construction

A High Cost Industry

Construction is a precision task performed on a large scale. It requires skilled workers, supervisory control, and well-maintained equipment. Accurate information, when and where you need it, is essential.
Construction equipment is very expensive. It operates in a harsh environment, and unexpected downtime can lead to big costs for the construction company. Often, the equipment is leased, and the company that owns the equipment needs a verifiable record of usage and maintenance.

Qameleon Products Can Help
  Qameleon's products can provide real-time information, even from moving equipment. Information is available to the operator,  the maintenance technician, the supervisor, or the equipment owner, to make decisions as things are happening. A complete record of operation can even be retrieved over the Internet for evaluation at a central office.

Use our QUE Remote Asset Monitor to combine all of your Qameleon products into one logical system for managing your construction site or your rental equipment. 
Qameleon™ construction applications:
- Crane loading and deflection monitoring
- Maintenance based on actual equipment conditions
- Concrete curing monitor
- Level, orientation, and stress monitoring
- Cable tension monitoring
- Intrusion detection
- Equipment performance trend analysis
- Construction elevator monitoring
- Rental equipment monitoring

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