Remote Elevator Monitoring


The EA7s is an analysis tool designed to meet the needs of elevator consultants and inspectors. Low-cost and easy to install, the EA7s plugs into a laptop for virtually unlimited data recording.
The EA7 records:
  • Date, time, and duration of trip
  • Acceleration / deceleration
  • Door opening, closing, and dwell times
  • Limits exceeded
  • Speed
  • Jerk
  • Vibration
  • Landing number
  • Car distance traveled

The EA7 is portable and easy to install

  • Attach it to the door frame with removable 3M Command Strips, or set it on the floor.
  • Place a colored 3M Post-It on the door to mark the closed position.
  • Plug the EA7s into a USB port on your laptop.
  • Start the EA7s program.
  • Run the elevator through its tests.
  • When done, remove the Post-It and Command Strips.
  • Use the EPM program to review the data and generate reports.


The EA7s graphical tools let you view and analyze the data over any time period. For example, you can graph the landings and car distance traveled:

The EA7s automatically generates reports over any time period, that include:
  • Number of trips • Total run time
  • Number of door cycles, re-opens, and re-closes • Duty cycle
  • Time of use by day and hour • Graphs of:
  • Limits exceeded   Ί Trips by hour of day
  • Statistics for:   Ί Trip duration
    Ί Door times (open, close, dwell, pre-open, start delay)   Ί Acceleration duration
    Ί Acceleration magnitude   Ί Car speed
    Ί Car speed   Ί Landings



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