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Remote Elevator Diagnostic System & Performance Analyzer - Sample Installations

QarVision™ has two components: the QarVisionController and the Machine Room Monitor.  Each component has its own set of sensors that measure properties of the elevator's operation. As the elevator runs, they communicate with each other using WiFi. The building owner or technician communicates with QarVision™ via WiFi, cellular, or wired Ethernet from a PDA or PC. The QarVision™ Controller records all of the information about the elevator trips, and can be used without the Machine Room Monitor.

Traction Elevator

Hydraulic Elevator

A major advantage of the QarVision™ system is that it is independent and isolated from the elevator's electronics and controller. It can be installed on any elevator, regardless of its age or controller type. QarVision™ gets its information from its own sensors.
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The QarVision™ Controller is simply placed on top of the elevator car with its antenna oriented toward the antenna of the Machine Room Monitor. The unit is plugged into the trouble light socket on top of the car.
    The Machine Room Monitor is located near the elevator machinery and controller. Its antenna is placed near the floor opening for the ropes of a traction elevator, or in the pit of a hydraulic elevator.  
The Door Sensor is installed near the gate operator using a magnetic base. It has two sensors that detect the presence of small magnets placed on the gate operator.

  The Primary Current Sensor is clamped over one of the 3-phase power leads going to the controller. The Secondary Current Sensor is clamped over one of the power leads going to the elevator car.
The there are 3 Magnetic Sensors connected to the Machine Room Monitor which can be used where needed. In this case, one of the sensors is attached near the brake magnetic coil to monitor the brake engagement.     The Magnetic Sensors can also be used to determine the state of relays without any electrical connection to the controller. They are typically used to monitor the safety string and the door interlock relays.  

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