Energy Use in Elevators

QarVision and QarVision RP monitor and analyze all aspects of an elevator's performance, including energy usage.

Why measure it?
Find the times and conditions when energy use is excessive.
Tune adjustments for energy efficiency.
Identify inefficient units and justify modernization.
Compare energy usage among your elevators.
Compare energy usage before and after maintenance or modernization.

QarVision™ and QarVision RP™ offer:

Real-time and recorded energy monitoring.
Email and text message warnings when limits are exceeded.
High resolution data on a trip-by-trip basis.
Modbus TCP/IP interface for integration to building monitoring systems.

Energy Monitoring Features:

Sensors for both machinery and car.
Current, power, and energy measurement.
Energy usage during trips.
Energy usage during idle times.
Total energy over any time period.
Energy reports and graphs over any time period.

Total Energy by Trip

This graph shows the total energy (machinery and car) in Watt Hours for 5 trips by a traction elevator. The elevator has a motor-generator set.

The green bars represent the energy used while traveling. The red bars are the energy used while idle. As you can see, the elevator uses as much energy when idle as it does while running.


Elevator World
June 2011

"Monitoring Elevator Energy Usage in Real Time"

Describes elevator energy study at Arizona State University. QarVision™ uncovered some surprising results.

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