Remote monitoring systems


  Qameleon Technology builds networked, mobile, remote monitoring equipment for industrial applications. Qameleon products are used by companies throughout the world for monitoring and control. If you can't find the system you need, we can build it for you.
Elevator Analytics™  

A complete line of products to analyze and improve your elevator performance.

QarVision™ Remote Elevator Diagnostic System  

Designed to improve reliability and reduce costs, QarVision™ adds remote monitoring, analysis, and diagnostic capability to any elevator.

QarVision RP™ for Rack & Pinion Elevators 

QarVision RP™ is a remote diagnostic system for rack and pinion elevators. It meets the special needs of industrial elevators and construction hoists.

EA7s Elevator Analyzer 

The EA7s is a low-cost, easy to use elevator performance analyzer. It works inside the car of any elevator, old or new.

SpikeWatcher™ Spike Detection System

SpikeWatcher™ is a data logger for intelligent remote data acquisition. A user-defined trigger enables detection of rapidly-changing, intermittent events (spikes) that would be difficult or impossible for other devices to find.

QUE Remote Asset Monitor

QUE is a management program for integrating different types of monitoring devices into a logical, coherent system. QUE enables you to watch and interact with all of your Qameleon™  products from one location.

QarWatcher™ Mobile Monitoring System

Designed for flexibility and convenience, QarWatcher™ adds remote monitoring capability to any mobile asset.



Qameleon products are used in:
  - elevators
  - construction equipment
  - building maintenance
  - traffic management
  - electric power
  - railways
  - petroleum pipelines and refining
  - water distribution
  - waste water treatment


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