Solutions - Building Automation and Control

A Wired Industry

Building automation systems and building controls have changed significantly in recent years. Ethernet communications and the Internet are replacing proprietary networks, and making it possible to manage a building from almost anywhere in the world. They also enable the incorporation of new devices from many different manufacturers into a building system. 

Qameleon Products Can Help
  Qameleon's products are ideal to enhance building automation systems. They can be used as stand-alone systems to monitor specific conditions or equipment in a building. Or, using remote communications, they can become part of a central building management system.

Qameleon's products are ideal for providing service technicians with information without interfering with the operation of equipment or activities in the building. Simply walk around the building, and your PDA or laptop tells you everything you need to know. Take measurements, make adjustments, view maintenance history, and even get interactive service instructions. Building superintendents, security guards, or even tenants can be warned of conditions that need attention, by simply walking around with a handheld device.

Use our QUE Remote Asset Monitor to combine all of your Qameleon products into one logical system for managing your buildings.
Qameleon™ building applications:
- Programmable lighting controller
- Light level monitor
- Wireless control panel
Elevators and Escalators
Security and Safety
- Access control
- Hazardous condition warning
- Access logging
- Intrusion alarms
- Remote diagnostics
- Usage monitor
- Air quality monitoring
- Embedded instrumentation
- Energy monitoring
- Tamper-proof controls

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