Qameleon Technology builds networked, mobile, remote monitoring instruments for industrial applications. Qameleon products are used by companies throughout the world for monitoring and control. Below is a list of our current, off-the-shelf products. If you can't find the instrument or system that you need, we can build it for you.
EA7s Elevator Analyzer

The EA7s is a low-cost, easy to use elevator performance analyzer that works inside the car of any elevator, old or new. 

QarVision™ Remote Elevator Monitor and Performance Analyzer

QarVision™ is a remote monitoring and troubleshooting tool for elevators. It is proven to reduce the cost of elevator maintenance and improve elevator safety.

QarVision RP™ for Rack & Pinion Elevators 

QarVision RP™ is a remote monitoring and troubleshooting tool specifically designed for rack and pinion elevators.  

SpikeWatcher™ Spike Detection System

SpikeWatcher™ is a data logger for intelligent remote data acquisition. Its unique design enables it to detect rapidly-changing, intermittent events (spikes) that would be difficult or impossible for other devices to find.

QUE Remote Asset Monitor

QUE is a management program for integrating different types of monitoring devices into a logical, coherent system.  

QarWatcher™ Mobile Monitoring System

QarWatcher™ adds GPS to SpikeWatcher™ for remote monitoring of mobile assets.  




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