Mobile Asset Monitor

Designed for flexibility and convenience, QarWatcher™ adds remote monitoring capability to any mobile asset.  QarWatcheris on the job for you - all day, every day.

Like all Qameleon products, QarWatcher™ works with QUE, our Remote Asset Monitor.
Mobile Monitoring

Based on the SpikeWatcher™ system, QarWatcher™ offers up to 8 channels for monitoring the parameters of your mobile equipment. Values are time and location stamped. They can be recorded at regular intervals, or recorded when a specified trigger condition occurs.

The user contacts the QarWatcher™ units remotely over the Internet to view the data in real time, make adjustments, and retrieve recorded data. Mobile QarWatcher™ units  connect to the Internet using either broadband cellular or municipal WiFi networks.


Location Tracking

QarWatcher™ adds GPS real-time tracking to the SpikeWatcher™ system. Know where your mobile assets are, and how they are working at every time and location.



QarWatcher's 8 channels are ready for the sensor inputs that you need. Monitor temperature, pressure, speed, acceleration, switch settings, and much more.

Qameleon can easily customize QarWatcher™ to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for additional information.



QarWatcher™ applications:
- Probe vehicles
- Traffic monitoring
- Mobile weather station
- Asset management
- Construction equipment location and monitoring
- Snow plow tracking and material monitoring


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