QWIC-Cell™ Cellular Interface

QWIC-Cell™ lets you access your Qameleon instrument from across town -- or from around the world --   via the Internet.

QWIC-Cell™ connects any Qameleon product to the Internet via cell phone data networks.  If the instrument is within range of a cell tower, it can be on-line.

Now you can retrieve real time readings, change parameters, and collect data files, from any PC or laptop over the Web.  And the user interface is the same whether you are using the Internet, WiFi, or wired Ethernet to connect to the instrument.

QWIC-Cell™ enables truly mobile applications. For example, an instrument monitoring a refrigeration unit in a truck will remain connected to the Web while the truck drives down the road, in the same way that a cell phone stays connected. And when you are out of range, your Qameleon system is still on the job, watching and remembering.

Whether you are across town or across the globe, QWIC-Cell™ gives you instant machine-to-machine (M2M) access to your data.

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With QWIC-Cell™ you can:
  - Install instruments in remote locations.
  - Access instruments from anywhere in the world.
  - Retrieve data, set parameters, and view real time operation from home or office.
  - Eliminate the transportation and labor costs of manual data collection.
  - Deploy instruments rapidly and cost-effectively without cabling.
  - Decrease capital costs by relocating fewer instruments instead of permanent installations.

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