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Buildings are Complex Systems

Commercial buildings are a conglomeration of many systems, such as HVAC, elevators, lighting, power, and security. There are over 5 million office buildings in the United States, and they consume 20% of the country's energy. Building owners are responsible for the comfort and safety of their tenants.

A QUE Solution
  Many large buildings and campuses have building management systems that monitor their operation. However, these can be prohibitively expensive for smaller facilities, or for management companies with dispersed properties.

QUE offers a means to monitor equipment in buildings without the need for a complex system. Use it for a specific purpose, such as energy consumption, or for monitoring access to restricted areas. Because QUE can work over the Internet, you can easily watch what is going on regardless of where your buildings are located.



- Position
- Entry count
- Current
- Voltage
- Spikes
- Energy Usage
- Speed
- Status
Air Quality
- Temperature
- Humidity
- CO2





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