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for Elevator and Escalator Monitoring

Essential Equipment

Elevators and escalators have made cities possible. There are approximately 1 million elevators and 50,000 escalators in the United States. About 50% of the elevators are over 20 years old. In many cases, such as transit stations and medical facilities, the elevators are critical to the use of building.

A QUE Solution
  The QarVision™ Elevator Performance Analyzer is a proven tool for troubleshooting elevators. QUE now provides elevator maintenance companies and building owners with the ability to quickly determine the state of ALL of their elevators. And now SpikeWatcher™ adds monitoring and troubleshooting for escalators.

Monitoring the elevators alone is often not enough. Power problems can cause failures of elevators. Environmental conditions in machine rooms can interfere with controllers. QUE integrates other monitoring devices that can affect your elevators into a comprehensive system that tells you exactly what is happening.



- Operation
- Speed
- Status
- Energy Usage
- Speed
- Status
Machine Room
- Temperatures
- Current
- Relays
- Current
- Voltage
- Energy









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