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Remote Asset Monitor - How It Works

QUE is a management program for integrating different types of monitoring devices into a logical, coherent system.  It is a user-configurable "dashboard" for all Qameleon products, as well as devices from other manufacturers. QUE lets you see all of your remote devices at the same time in a way that makes sense to you.

QUE gives you an easy to understand view of your system, while taking advantage of the capabilities of the individual devices.

- Proven standard communications: TCP/IP, ModBus, QWIC
- Devices can be on any local network: EtherNet, WIFI, Cellular
- Wide area remote coverage via the Internet
- Easily customized by the user
- Multiple security features
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The MAIN screen shows the layout of the system you are monitoring. Each icon represents one of the units in the system. Each unit is updated according to your interval, from once per second to several hours. You can also have multiple screens that allow you to group your units into logical pieces.


  The color of the icon shows you its status in real-time.
  Unit not connected
  Unit operating normally
  A warning condition has occurred
Clicking on an icon shows you a SUMMARY of the operation of the unit. You can easily see the history of the unit. If one or more warning conditions were detected, they are listed. These warnings stay in the list until you clear them.


  If you need more detail from a QarVision™ or SpikeWatcher™ unit, just click on the QView button in the SUMMARY screen. You now have complete access to this unit.


You have complete control of the layout of the QUE screen. You can select a background image that suits your application. Use a map of a campus, the floor plan of a building, a diagram of a construction site, whatever you need. You can freely move the icons wherever you need them, and then lock them in place.
You can start with one unit for your system and add new ones as you need them. QUE currently has a set of pre-defined units, with more on the way. If you don't see what you need, we will create them for you.
Elevator Escalator Machine Room Monitor Power Monitor
When you add a unit, you specify its properties. Every unit has a label for the icon on the screen, as well as a formal name and description that are used in the summary. You also specify the network parameters of the unit and the interval at which the information is updated. This allows you to optimize the use of QUE with pay-per-byte connections, such as cellular.
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Every unit has calibration values for the analog signals, as well as a limit for the warning. When the analog signal exceeds the limit, the icon will turn red. When using QarVision™ and SpikeWatcher™, these limits are stored in the units themselves. For other devices, you can set them from QUE. You can also specify the labels that are associated with the signals, allowing you to customize each unit for its specific application.
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