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Many Moving Parts

Construction sites are like a complicated machine with many moving parts. Separate entities are working on different aspects of the job at the same time. Personnel and equipment must be kept busy, focused and safe. And staying on schedule can mean the difference between profit and loss.

A QUE Solution

One of the difficult tasks of a construction project is knowing where the different assets are, and if they are ready. Using remote monitoring of critical equipment can give the supervisory team the information they need to make the right decisions. And when the equipment rental companies are in touch with their equipment over the Internet, they can make sure you get prompt service to minimize down time.

Installing permanent communications on a construction site that is always changing is an expensive undertaking. Qameleon's wireless products make it easy to integrate different pieces of equipment into a single system.




- Position
- Entry count
- Current
- Voltage
- Energy                
- Run time
- Critical parameters
- Status
- Load
- Wind Speed         
- Status








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