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  How It Works

SpikeWatcher™ detects rapid changes (spikes) in sensor signals. It records these spikes at a high rate, while steady-state background signals are recorded at a much lower rate. Rates are user selectable.

SpikeWatcher™can record up to 7 channels in addition to the one being monitored for spikes. A variety of sensors are available from Qameleon, including:

- air, fluid and mechanical pressure   - GPS location, speed, heading
- current and voltage   - wind speed
- temperature   - acceleration
- displacement      
  The user can set parameters and retrieve data in a number of ways: using a wireless PDA, smartphone, or laptop near the SpikeWatcher™ unit, or from their home or office using the Internet.

SpikeWatcher™ generates output signals when a spike is detected or the sensor readings fall outside of the user-set limits. These are relay contacts that can be used to turn on an alarm, control a fan, send a signal to a PLC, or any number of uses.

SpikeWatcher™ also sends a notification email when the sensor readings fall outside of the user-set limits.

SpikeWatcher™ is designed to be integrated with other systems, such as SCADA and building management systems, using ModBus over serial and Ethernet.

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The MAIN screen shows how the sensor signal is changing from the background level. This graph is updated 10 times per second, allowing you to view what is happening in real-time.


  The DETAILS screen shows a summary of the spikes that have been detected. This is very useful when changes do not occur very often, and you are not there to observe them first hand.


The MULTICHANNEL screen shows up to 8 channels and their current readings. Users can select which channels are in use. High and low warning limits make it easy to see potential problems. Limits are user-selectable.


  The HISTORY screen shows a summary of the sensor readings. It is easy to see what has happened while the system has been running.



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