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  Sample Results

The SpikeWatcher™ system can be used in a variety of industries. Here are some examples of actual applications and some sample data.


Machinery Components

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These data were collected from a Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) which measures very small linear distances. The LVDT was installed between two mechanical components that were moving when they should not have been. The data show that these components moved from +.010" to -.171", when there should have been no movement at all. This type of relative movement may indicate that the machine is undergoing stresses beyond its designed levels.




These pressure data were collected from a city water line  just down-stream from a pressure reducing valve (PRV).  The data show rapid pressure fluctuations of as much as 56 PSI. These rapid pressure changes indicate that the PRV is failing to regulate the pressure properly.  They cause water hammer or banging in the pipe, and may cause damage to the pipe and joints. 


A closer look at the data (highlighted in purple in the picture above) shows very rapid motion. The spikes in the LVDT readings were occurring as fast as 42 mSec apart. This is not a periodic vibration, but movement due to operating conditions. If this condition persists, it can result in metal fatigue and failure.   Zooming in on the middle set of spikes from the graph above produces this graph.  It shows that the spikes are occurring at approximately 600 ms intervals.

Electric Power Service
Voltage variations in the electric service to a building were measured. The data show voltage drops of 5 to 10 volts that were occurring several times per hour. Some of these were due to changes in the electrical load in the building. However, many of them were from the main line coming into the building. While the spikes caused lights to flicker, they were not severe enough to cause damage.

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