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A Mobile Industry

Controlling traffic and monitoring road conditions are significant challenges in the transportation industry. Roadways are deteriorating. Traffic congestion is increasing. Many roads are remote. Budgets are stretched thin. Security is a concern. Weather is a complicating factor.

Probe vehicles can address these problems. Vehicles that spend a lot of time on the roads, such as highway patrol cars and utility trucks, are outfitted with sensors and a means of sending the data to a central site. There the information is analyzed to determine travel times, traffic delays, and even local weather conditions.

QarWatcher™ Can Help
  While other products on the market will track vehicles, QarWatcher™ is designed for maximum flexibility. With 8 analog input channels, and 8 lines of digital input, it can monitor and record all the sensors you need. Using GPS, it monitors and records acceleration, location, heading, and speed. With 8 lines of digital output, QarWatcher™ also provides control options.

With QarWatcher™, there is no monthly fee to a tracking service. Your data is sent directly to you over the Internet via WiFi, cellular, or satellite.

Use our QUE Remote Asset Monitor to combine all of your Qameleon products into one logical system for managing your transportation equipment and infrastructure.
QarWatcher™ transportation applications:
- Probe vehicles
- Traffic monitoring
- Mobile weather station
- Asset management
- Construction equipment location and monitoring
- Snow plow tracking and material monitoring

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