Solutions - Water and Power

Challenging Industries

Utility companies work under the most challenging conditions: 24/7 reliability. Life-critical resources. Extreme weather. Budgetary constraints. Security concerns.

The need for improvement in these industries has never been greater.
Water and power infrastructures are failing due to age. Extended drought and rapid population growth are making water scarce. There is a great interest in energy efficiency, and implementing alternative energy sources.

SpikeWatcher™ Can Help

Many utility companies have sophisticated central control and monitoring facilities, or SCADA systems. SpikeWatcher can be used in systems that fill the gap between full-scale SCADA and manual periodic inspection.

Monitoring systems based on
SpikeWatcher are used worldwide, in both permanent and portable applications. They collect, process, and store information 24/7. This information is available in real time to the technician at the equipment site. It can also be wirelessly retrieved, for later analysis at a central office. And SpikeWatcher™'s wired Ethernet, WiFi, and QWIC-Cell™ options makes it easy to connect to existing networks.

Use our QUE Remote Asset Monitor to combine all of your Qameleon products into one logical system for managing your infrastructures.




SpikeWatcher™ utility applications:
- Pressure transient (water hammer) detection
- Pump and valve monitoring
- Voltage spikes detection
- Switch gear monitoring
- Solar and wind generator monitoring
- Tampering detection
- Equipment performance trend analysis

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