Level 1 Module™

The Level 1 Module™ is a configurable application platform for building wireless products. All Qameleon products are built on the Level 1 Module™

Whether you are building a stand-alone product or a fully integrated remote monitoring system, the Level 1 Module™ will help you get your application up and running in record time.

Like all Qameleon products, the Level 1 Module™ can be configured to work with QUE, our Remote Asset Monitor.

Complete Product Solution

The Level 1 Module™ provides the developer with a complete solution for wireless development. It eliminates the need to design, manufacture, and test hardware, freeing the developer to concentrate on the application itself. 

The Level 1 Module™ is optimized for running our QWIC software platform, giving you all of the power of our graphical development system and eliminating the need for embedded software development. 

Monitoring and Control

The Level 1 Module™ has several integrated ports for I/O with other equipment.  These include: 8 analog channels, 8 lines of digital input, 8 lines of digital output, and 2 serial ports.

Communications are an integral part of the Level 1 Module™, with built-in Ethernet LAN, WiFi, and RS-232. We also offer optional IrDA, and cellular. Having many different ways of communicating with other devices, without changing the application, gives you unprecedented flexibility in tailoring your product to YOUR customer's differing needs.

The Level 1 Module™ was designed for integration with other systems using different interfaces such as ModBus over serial, ModBus TCP/IP, and digital I/O signals. We have also provided interfaces with other devices, such as PLCs, variable frequency drives, RFID readers, and power quality monitors.

We can Build It for You

You can rapidly develop your new product yourself, or have us do it for you. We have built complete products for customers in as little as 2 weeks!

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The Level 1 Module reduces:

  - development time
  - development cost
  - time to market
  - stress!
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