Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Remote monitoring equipment for industrial applications

Qameleon products are used by companies throughout the world for monitoring and control. If you can’t find the system you need, we can build it for you.



Designed to improve reliability and reduce costs, QarVision™ adds remote monitoring, analysis, and diagnostic capability to any elevator.


The EA7n is a low-cost, easy to use elevator performance analyzer. It works inside the car of any elevator, old or new.

Fluid Transport Systems

SpikeWatcher™ PA

The SpikeWatcher™ PA family of performance analyzers helps you maximize the efficiency and lifetime of your water and wastewater equipment. Each unit is specifically designed to evaluate how well a component of your system is working, whether it is a complete booster pump station or a single PRV.

Intelligent remote data acquisition


A user-defined trigger enables detection of rapidly-changing, intermittent events (spikes) that would be difficult or impossible for other devices to find.

Whole System View


QUE is a management program for integrating different types of monitoring devices into a logical, coherent system. QUE enables you to watch and interact with all of your Qameleon™  products from one location.

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Our Story

Qameleon™ Technology is a privately held company that develops innovative hardware and software products for remote, wireless monitoring and control. Formed in 1997 to develop software tools for industrial customers, the Company has built a substantial technology base. With the launch of its QWIC product line in 2001, and the Level 1 Module in 2004, Qameleon™ brings its unique and proven technology to networked and wireless instruments, enabling rapid development of products for monitoring, control, and many other applications.