Monitoring and Analytics for Critical Infrastructures

What do you need to know NOW?

The systems that we depend on are complex entities. They have many individual components that work together and can affect each other. Failure of one component can cause the whole system to behave in an unpredictable way. These failures can be costly in money, time, and loss of valuable resources. Troubleshooting and maintaining these systems can be difficult, especially when you can’t tell what the system is actually doing.

How can Qameleon help?

Qameleon provides information on the performance of complex systems. We design and manufacture hardware and software to analyze equipment. SCADA systems and off-the-shelf instruments don’t always provide the information that you need right now. Especially if something is happening rapidly and intermittently.

Qameleon products are used by companies and governments throughout the world to protect their vital infrastructures. If you can’t find the solution you need, we can build it for you.

Qameleon gives you:

  • A Common Design:    All  products are operated and maintained in the same familiar way.
  • Time-critical Information:    Real-time analysis of shared and independent sensor data tells you as quickly as possible of a potential problem.
  • An End-to-End Solution:    From sensors to communications to real-time display to analysis tools to integration with your vital data systems.
  • Security:    Designed for data security and integrity. Created with government and corporate IT support. Under your control, not in the cloud.
  • Survivability:    Weatherproof hardware for hot, cold, wet, and dusty environments.

Qameleon products have been used for monitoring in many different industries, including

Transportation – road conditions on rural highways

Construction Equipment – construction hoists

Energy – electric vehicle charging

Qameleon currently focuses on Elevators and Fluid Distribution Systems.


Elevators and escalators are essential infrastructure  for modern cities. After automobiles, they are the most widely used form of transportation. Our Elevator Analytics™ family of products provides building owners and maintenance companies with the most comprehensive diagnostic information about elevator performance.

Fluid Distribution Systems

Many industries rely on the use and production of fluids, whether they be water/wastewater utilities, petroleum companies, chemical manufacturers, or users of hydraulic machinery. The SpikeWatcher™ PA family of performance analyzers helps you maximize the efficiency and lifetime of your fluid handling equipment. Each unit can be configured to evaluate how well a component of your system is working, whether it is a complete booster pump station or a single section of pipeline.

Whole System View


QUE is a management program for integrating different types of monitoring devices into a logical, coherent system. QUE enables you to watch and interact with all of your Qameleon™  products from one location.

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Our Story

Qameleon™ Technology is a privately held company that develops innovative hardware and software products for remote, wireless monitoring and control.

Kathy Mutch and Rich Madarasz, the company’s founders and principals, came from a deep background in artificial intelligence, industrial automation, computer vision and computer architecture, in both academics and industry.

Formed in 1997 to develop software tools for industrial customers, the Company has built a substantial technology base. With the launch of its QWIC product line in 2001, and the Level 1 Module in 2004, Qameleon™ brings its unique and proven technology to networked and wireless instruments, enabling rapid development of products for monitoring, control, and many other applications.