Diagnostic instruments for elevators and escalators

Elevators and escalators are essential infrastructure for modern cities. Once buildings grew to more than four floors, they were no longer practical or desirable. Elevators are often ignored by the general public until they no longer work. Knowing if an elevator is working is not an easy task.

Is it running? Is it ready to run? Does it move? Do the doors open?

Is it safe? Is it stopping abruptly? Is it trapping riders? Is the door hitting people?

Is it efficient? Is it wasting energy? Is it slow?


Qameleon builds monitors that analyze the actual performance of elevators in real-time. These devices record the parameters of every trip an elevator makes and issues alerts if there is an issue. We analyze what the elevator is doing, not what the controller is telling it to do.


We build two versions of our monitoring systems

QarVision™ and EA7

QarVision is a hardware device that is installed on the top of an elevator car. It is typically installed permanently or can be moved as necessary. It is designed to continually monitor the elevator’s operation.

EA7n is a low-cost elevator analyzer that is used inside the elevator car. It provides most of the measurements of the QarVision unit. It is connected by a USB cable to a laptop or tablet, which provides power and processing. The user-interface and the data are compatible with the QarVision unit. The EA7n is ideal for inspection and troubleshooting.