Common Design

End-to-End Solution

Qameleon products offer a complete solution for your application. All products are implemented following a similar architecture. There are some differences in the actual appearance and data used by the components, but they operate in the same way.

From    sensors communications → real-time display → analysis tools → integration with your vital data systems


A common hardware platform is at the heart of every Qameleon solution. This is a generic device specifically designed and manufactured by Qameleon for remote operation. The purpose of these units is to monitor independent or existing sensors to evaluate the performance of equipment.



All Qameleon devices are remotely operated. They can use a variety of communication mechanisms including Ethernet and cellular broadband.

Real-time Display

Being able to view what is happening at the monitored equipment in real-time is essential for understanding what is happening. All Qameleon devices provide a real-time, interactive view of the monitored equipment. The interface varies depending on the application, but essentially provides the same detailed information.


Analysis Tools

Graphing programs are used to analyze the stored data from all Qameleon products. Seeing what happened prior to an alarm event can tell you a lot about what was happening in the equipment. Our graphical analysis tools let you examine the stored data over any time period. You can zoom in on any portion of the data, scroll to earlier and later time periods, graph multiple sensor readings at a time, and even compare different SpikeWatcher units at the same time. And you can automatically generate reports containing tables, textual descriptions of alarms, and histograms. These reports can be printed, saved, and output as text for your own analysis programs.


Integration with your Vital Data Systems

Qameleon products were made to be part of larger enterprise systems. These include systems for:

  • Energy Management
  • Geographic Information
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Pipeline Information
  • Equipment Outage Websites
  • Alarm Messaging

We can provide our data in many different formats to suit the customers’ needs. We will work with your personnel to make  seamless connections with your existing systems.