Benefits for Building Owners:

  • Increase reliability of older elevators by identifying problems early.
  • Save money by increasing the lifetime of older elevators.
  • Monitor elevator energy use and tune performance to reduce energy costs.
  • Improve safety by resolving issues before they become problems.
  • Reduce liability by documenting exactly what happened during an incident.
  • Works on any elevator so you can have the same monitors on all elevators.

Benefits for Maintenance Companies:

  • Reduce callbacks by understanding and fixing the problem the first time.
  • Solve intermittent problems by recording and analyzing the details of each event.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through faster problem resolution.
  • Differentiate your company through shorter service calls and proactive service.
  • Increase profit by eliminating unnecessary service calls.
  • Manage personnel better by sending them prepared and leveraging their expertise.
  • Improve customer retention with higher documented up-times.
  • Increase revenue through sales of QarVision™ to your customers.

Benefits for Consultants:

  • Add value to your service by increasing available information.
  • Automate measurements and reports.

Benefits for Elevator Manufacturers:

  • Retrofit older elevators.
  • Enhance existing monitor data with performance information.
  • R&D – see how your customers actually use your elevators.