QarVision™ is a remote monitoring system that works on any elevator. It records every trip an elevator makes, letting building owners and service technicians track elevator performance and find problems from anywhere. QarVision™ is portable and quick to set up. It sends email or text-message warnings and summaries. And QarVision™ works with the QUE Remote Asset Monitor.

QarVision Monitors and Records:

  • Date, time, duration, & number of trips
  • Total run time and duty cycle
  • Landings
  • Height
  • Energy usage
  • Door opening, closing, and dwell times
  • Number of door cycles & door reopens
  • Car start delay
  • Door open delay
  • Acceleration & deceleration
  • Vibration
  • Traffic
  • Speed
  • Temperatures
  • Motor current
  • Hydraulic pressure
  • Relay status
  • VFD alarms and faults
  • Voltage
  • Load
  • Jerk