QarVision™ Machine Room Monitor

Remote Elevator Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Performance Analysis


The QarVision Machine Room Monitor resides in the elevator’s machine room. It uses its own sensors to measure and record the control cabinet temperature, motor/oil temperature, motor current, car current, hydraulic oil pressure and temperature. It also senses and records the state of the brake, safety string, and door interlock relays.


As with the QarVision car top unit, the Machine Room Monitor has both WiFi and optional cellular communication so you can remotely see live elevator action and can retrieve recorded data.


The Machine Room Monitor is based on the SpikeWatcher PA hardware platform.

Live View of the Machine Room Monitor



The Machine Room Monitor measures, analyzes, and records the details of an elevator’s drive system. It works with both hydraulic and traction elevators. A unique feature of the Machine Room Monitor is the time spent in each stage of the motor’s operation: stopped, startup, running, shutdown. This is especially useful to verify the operation of a variable frequency drive that is controlling the motor.