How It Works

QarVision™ is an elevator diagnostic tool and a remote elevator monitor. The building manager or technician can set parameters and retrieve data using a laptop in the machine room, elevator car, or lobby.  Or, they can do it from their home or office using the Internet. QarVision will send emails or text messages when operating conditions are out of range. It has a MODBUS interface for communicating with building management systems.

QarVision™ operates in 4 different user-selectable modes: Acceleration TestInspection, Speed, and Ride Quality.

The Acceleration Test mode records acceleration at a high frequency. It is used as a diagnostic test for certain problems.


The Inspection Mode shows what the elevator is doing at any instant. It is also useful for long-term monitoring of the elevator, since it records acceleration events, trip data, speed, and total usage.


Speed Mode records the speed throughout each trip. The speed can be measured from anywhere – the elevator car, the ground, or even your office – without using a tachometer!


Ride Quality Mode measures the vibration of the elevator car in three dimensions, as well as the jerk, during a trip between floors.