Remote Asset Monitor

QUE is a management program for integrating different types of monitoring devices into a logical, coherent system. QUE lets you watch and interact with all of your Qameleon™  products from one location. Whether you use QarVision™ to troubleshoot your elevators or SpikeWatcher™ to monitor energy use, QUE displays them all in one convenient place.

QUE is flexible

  • Status at a glance – quickly determine what is going on.
  • Increasing levels of detail – let you choose what information you see.
  • User-defined limits and warnings tell you when attention is needed.
QUEbms copy

QUE is configurable

  • Use any background image: maps, floor plans, pictures, etc.
  • Add and move icons at will.
  • User-defined labels let you display information in your terms.
  • Works with all Qameleon products.

QUE is yours.

  • You own the system and all of the data you collect.
  • No monthly fee to use QUE. You pay only for the communication, if necessary.
  • You configure it for your needs.
  • No server. You connect to your devices from any PC or laptop.