How It Works

QUE is a management program for integrating different types of monitoring devices into a logical, coherent system.  It is a user-configurable “dashboard” for all Qameleon products. QUE lets you see all of your remote devices at the same time in a way that makes sense to you.

QUE gives you an easy to understand view of your system, while taking advantage of the capabilities of the individual devices.

  • Proven standard communications: TCP/IP, ModBus, QWIC
  • Devices can be on any local network: EtherNet, WIFI, Cellular
  • Wide area remote coverage via the Internet
  • Easily customized by the user

The MAIN screen shows the layout of the system you are monitoring. Each icon represents one of the units in the system. Each unit’s status is updated at an interval you set, from once per second to several hours. You can also have multiple screens that allow you to group your units logically.

The color of the icon shows you the unit’s status in real-time.

Unit not Connected.
Unit operating normally.
A Warning condition has occurred.

You have complete control of the layout of the QUE screen. You can select a background image that suits your application. Use a map of a campus, the floor plan of a building, a diagram of a construction site, whatever you need. You can freely move the icons wherever you need them, and then lock them in place.

Icons on map background.
Icons on overhead view of booster pump station.
Icons arranged in list on plain background.

Get the detailed information you need. Right-click on an icon, and select one of the following:

  • Live Summary
  • Live View
  • Data View

“Live Summary” displays a constantly updating overview of the operation of the unit. If one or more warning conditions have been detected, they are listed. These warnings stay in the list until you clear them.

“Live View” shows a constantly updating detailed view of the QarVision™ or SpikeWatcher™ unit in action. In this QarVision example, you can watch the doors open and close, the car travel up and down. The maximum speed and new landing are shown when the trip ends.


“Data View” lets you analyze the data from QarVision™ or SpikeWatcher™ units.  You can graph the data and generate reports for any time period.