Common Design

Time-Critical Information

Qameleon products are designed to provide you with actionable information as quickly as possible. Problems will always occur, whether it is an elevator that is trapping passengers or a break in a water main. These don’t happen very often, but when they do, you need to get the equipment back in operation now.

Sending someone out to check the equipment is expensive and time consuming. This inspection may only give you one data point in time. In some cases, the equipment is working again when the technician arrives.  This is the classic “working on arrival” situation with no record of what happened. Even a video recording may not tell you how the equipment was behaving at the time of failure.

A better approach is to install hardware devices at the equipment in question to continually watch for deviations from  expected behavior. Qameleon devices continually analyze measurements from sensors to look for patterns. These may be as simple as readings that are out of an expected range. Or they may be changes in the expected state of the equipment. When this happens, the devices record all of the sensor measurements and turn on any warning signals.

If the qameleon unit is on a network, an email message is sent to user-specified recipients. The user will see an icon on the system view (QUE) change from GREEN to RED. Clicking on the selected icon shows a real-time summary of the sensor readings and a listing of the identified alerts. The users can connect directly to the unit and watch what is happening in real-time. They can also retrieve any of the applicable stored data from the unit and see a graph of that equipment’s behavior. A detailed report can be generated over any time frame.

Intermittent problems usually don’t occur in isolation. They have probably been happening for some time. The stored data from a Qameleon device can show the occurrence of the problem before it causes the equipment to fail.