Sample Applications

SpikeWatcher™ PA is a wireless instrument specifically designed for detecting rapidly-changing, intermittent events (spikes) that would be difficult or impossible for other devices to find. It is ideally suited for solving problems in many different industries where potentially damaging events can occur.

Power Spikes (Voltage Spikes)

The voltage in electrical power lines can change rapidly. Sometimes these power spikes lead to damage of equipment. Knowing when and how the power was altered is the first step in correcting the problem.

Rental Equipment Monitoring

SpikeWatcher™ can track the usage and condition of your expensive rental equipment. Excessive vibration, temperature extremes, overloading, and other intermittent conditions  can be recorded, and the operator warned. Our cellular option lets you monitor your equipment from anywhere, so that you can act before costly repairs are needed.

Intermittent Conditions

The hardest problems to find when diagnosing machinery are those that happen quickly, and not very often. A power loss due to lightning can cause machine controls to crash. A relay with a weak spring can break a connection. SpikeWatcher™ PA can continually watch for these conditions, 24 hours a day, telling you exactly what happened and when.

Site Monitoring

Continually watching a remote site can be a tedious task. SpikeWatcher™ PA can detect motion, changes in light levels, presence of chemicals, or nearly any physical property.

Pump and Valve Monitoring

Pumps are a vital component in water, wastewater, and petroleum transport systems. When they are not functioning properly, they can consume excessive power and cause damage to other equipment.

Hazardous Material Detection

Combined with the appropriate sensors, SpikeWatcher™ PA can detect the presence of hazardous materials, such as chlorine, hydrocarbons, cyanide, or sulfur dioxide. Leaks and intentional introduction of these materials can be detected quickly, 24 hours a day, even in remote locations.