Data Analysis

The SpikeWatcher PA family of units stores all data in an Access database.  Spike is a graphing and reporting tool that retrieves the SpikeWatcher PA data for any specified time period, and displays it in the format most useful for analysis.


Spike is a graphical program that manages and displays the data. One or two channels can be graphed simultaneously. Sharp changes (transients) and background readings are identified in different colors. This graph shows transient data that was recorded in its summary form to reduce your analysis time.

graph overall

Alternatively, SpikeWatcher PA can record the individual points recorded during transients as shown here.

graph detail

You can zoom in on any portion of the data. If you want to see the individual points that have been recorded, simply turn them on. 

You can generate a report over any time period.


You can create comma-separated-variable (.csv) files that can be read by spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel. Then create your own graphs, generate reports, and perform your own analysis.